The Developers Guide To Mobile App Security

Securing your app is indeed an active process, but rather than be intimidated by the damage hackers can do, take action. 

  • The Danger of Hackers
    Hackers have a number of tricks up their sleeve. Learn about the threats you're likely to face.
  • How to Secure Your App
    Regardless of how they gain access, hackers will incorporate weaknesses into your app.
  • Best Practices to Consider
    Create the safest, most comprehensive and up-to-date environment for your users.



IOS Backloading and Rogue App Stores:
A Major Threat to iOS Developers

In this whitepaper we will explore the history of backloading and the pirate industry it has created, its hazards, and solutions.

  • Backloading & Sideloading
    Infancy, evolution, and current iterations.
  • The Dangers of App Piracy
    Security risks for users, enterprises, and developers.
  • Fight Back With Security
    Simple process for powerful security:
    Scan, Protect, Track.



Get Secure & Stay Secure: The Unconventional Guide to Mobile App Security

Providing insights into mobile security through six of highest profile security breaches.

  • Overcoming Psychological Barriers
    Mobile app security is a technical issue, first and foremost.
  • High-Profile Security Failures: A Cautionary Tale
    We'll take a look at some recent high-profile security breaches.
  • Basic MeasuresWhat You Must Do to Secure Your Apps
    You deserve it, and so too do the consumers you serve.



Security Status In M-Commerce

SEWORKS' AppSolid and AppKnox analyzed the top 50 m-Commerce apps to find all known vulnerabilities.

  • How Bad Is It?
    Among the 50 apps analyzed, there is no app that does not have security risks.
  • Common Vulnerabilities
    Learn the four common security vulnerabilities that are present in m-Commerce apps.
  • Basic Measures
    Help secure your apps with five security measures to stop future attacks.